Brenta is now a market leader in Italy in disposable gloves and protective clothing. The company philosophy, which has made it so successful, has always inspired by the desire to excel in the proposed advanced and differentiated products, combining the needs of the market with technological development. This allowed us to define both the professional sector - made ​​up of professionals in the field of cleaning, catering, industrial and medical - that the market for medium and large retailers, a wide range of products and brands are able to be an important reference point of quality. More recently the company has managed to converge their skills in a group with operations in Germany and Asia, having as the primary objective the specialization of skills and synergies in the acquisition of investment in research, development and quality control are mainly assigned.


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Leading brand in the market of disposable nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves and polyethylene gloves. In addition to a wide range of disposable latex gloves, it is particularly in nitrile gloves that the company has focused its innovation efforts by creating a proposal of excellence characterized by differentiated products evolved and particularly appreciated by customers. The disposable vinyl gloves and synthetic (polymer-based) complete the range of professional articles. An assortment designed to offer the most appropriate solutions in hand protection in the fields of detergents, food, and medical industry. Identify an area of gloves specifically dedicated to industrial applications, mechanical, engineering, agriculture and construction. It�s mainly divided into two categories: technical gloves - knitted gloves such as nitrile nylon coated, latex, polyurethane gloves - and "chemical", ie, multi-purpose gloves - generally thicker - intended for prolonged contact with substances such as acids, solvents, hydrocarbons detergents and the like. Collects the entire range of disposable items intended for the protection of the body, head and feet. Among the items of relief aprons in polyethylene and non woven, disposable gowns, mob caps, disposable cpe shoe covers, paper chef hats and masks. Monoutile defines a complete qualified and extremely flexible on the most modern security needs in the field Ho. Ho.Re.Ca. Industrial and Medical. It�s the mark that distinguishes our line products for food preparation and table decoration. A diversified and growing assortment offering qualified items and widely used in restaurants pockets pastry chef (pastry bag), skewers and wooden and bamboo toothpicks, straws, paper doileys cake and trays for fries.